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Workshop on vulnerability of Ukraine’s forests to climate change was held in Kyiv

Clima East Policy Project and the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine on 6 July held a workshop on vulnerability of Ukraine’s forests to climate change. The workshop was focused on the outcomes of Clima East Expert Facility assignment “Building capacity for the assessment of vulnerability of Ukraine’s flatland forests to climate change”. Under this […]

Ukraine pledges more emissions cuts, but national emissions growth looks certain — and significant

Ukraine is willing to assume more ambitious emissions reduction obligations, said the head of the Ukrainian delegation at the Durban climate talks, Nikolai Zlochevsky. Set against the background of other, less than comforting developments of the summit’s recently launched high-level segment, Ukraine’s statement surely came as an encouragement – even as it highlighted certain discrepancies that give one pause.

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Climate Action Today Determines Our Future: Public View of Climate Policy in the Countries of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia

Iryna Stavchuk, 2015

can-pvThe presented report consists of the following two parts: (1) Scientifi basis for climate change actions, and (2) Climate policy review for EECCA countries. The fist part presents scientifi background information of the urgency to reduce emissions, risks associated with the global temperature increase above 2 °С, as well as global budget allocation options for emissions between developed and developing countries to reach a long-term objective. The second part provides information on the trends in greenhouse gas emissions, development of renewable energy sources and incentive legislation, fossil fuel subsidies, trends in the forestry sector, institutional organization of work on the topic of climate change, examples of negative solutions in climate policies, and an overview of positive regional initiatives.

Annual narrative report on activities of CAN EECCA network in 2015

Nastassia Bekish, Iryna Stavchuk, 2015

can-eecca-report2015Annual narrative report on activities of CAN EECCA network in 2015

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Climate Action Network-International submission to the AWG-LCA views on enhancing the costeffectiveness of, and promoting, mitigation actions
Date of publication: 09.02.2011

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