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Press release CAN EECCA: The G20 isolated Trump and reached agreement on climate action

Civil society welcomes the G20 summit commitment to take stronger climate actions. It is for the first time ever that the G20 summit has prepared a detailed climate and energy action plan containing the list of actions to fight climate change. All countries except the USA have acknowledged that climate actions pertain to the protection […]

Press Release: Village in Kenozerye region in Russia will be transferred to renewable energy

Arkhangelsk Youth Public Organization «Aetas» together with Climate Action Network International, with the support of State Organization «National Park» Kenozersky PLC “Clean Technologies of Baltics”, the Norwegian Barents Secretariat and the Office for Youth in Arkhangelsk region begin the project «for the 100% renewable energy,». It presupposes the transition of one of the villages in […]

The World We Want: Civil society urges G20 leaders to step up action on global challenges

The Civil20 (C20) Summit concluded here today with over 300 civil society groups from around the world urging the world’s largest and richest countries of the G20 to commit to firm and immediate action on global challenges like climate change, inequality and regulation of financial markets.
This comes just three weeks ahead of the G20 Summit on 7-8 July when Heads of State will be hosted by the German Presidency.

100 % Renewable Energy National Campaigns Update

CAN international provided technical, financial, and strategic support to its national and regional campaigners to strengthen their local struggles and campaigns for 100% renewable energy. Campaigning on 100% RE looks very different country to country and requires very different arguments and messages to overcome barriers. This update will shortly introduce the current active campaigns, their adopted approaches, achievements and lessons learnt.

Ministerial take on the Future Energy

The representatives from the Ministries of Energy of Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Greece, Ukraine and many other countries met at the Ministerial Conference and International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development. The civil society was expecting to hear statements about how the countries would develop solar and wind power generation, but instead they […]

EECCA civic society chastises Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord

The decision of the US to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord proves that the Trump administration is in total contradiction with reality and with the rest of the world. The Accord ratified by 147 out of 197 signatories entered into force with unprecedented speed, having shown that countries are resolved to go ahead in tackling climate change.

100% solar energy for monasteries of Georgia

A Georgian NGO “Gamarjoba” which is a member of the CLEEN network started together with Сlimate Action Network a project „100% renewable energy to monasteries of Georgia”. The goal of the project is to elaborate a program that will solve the problem of energy supply of two monasteries, a male, and a female, which are located in remote mountainous regions of Georgia.

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