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“Ukrainian environmental club “Green Wave” collects data on environmental crimes of the Russian army

Dear readers, we continue our column “How did the war change the lives of our network members in Ukraine?” The team of the public organization “Ukrainian Ecological Club “Green Wave”, Kyiv, Ukraine, organized by seven girls who are “burning” with the “green ideas”. They are from different cities of Ukraine. Two employees of the organization were […]

Over 500 Global Groups Call on World Leaders to Expedite an End to the Russian War in Ukraine and to End the Fossil Fuel Era

Today over 500 civil society organisations from six continents urged world leaders to renew efforts to facilitate an end to the Russian war in Ukraine and to end a dangerous dependence on fossil fuels that is driving war, instability and conflicts globally. Two months after the start of this illegal war, which continues to kill […]

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Role of youth in climate action advocacy


More and more young people become active climate action advocates locally, nationally, and internationally. As COP26 recently happened in Glasgow, thousands of young people participated and advocated for urgent actions to prevent the climate crisis. Advocating for climate change prevention means to publicly support (advocate) the sustainable use of resources and for the actions to […]

CAN EECCA Vision 2021-2023


CAN EECCA Vision 2021-2023

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Green recovery and climate action in Central Asia Position of the members of the Climate Action Network from Central Asia
Date of publication: 10.11.2020

Climate Action Network-International submission to the AWG-LCA views on enhancing the costeffectiveness of, and promoting, mitigation actions
Date of publication: 09.02.2011

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