Join press briefing “The war in Ukraine and implications for international energy security”


CAN Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia with the support of CAN International, and CAN Europe organise a press briefing “The war in Ukraine and implications for international energy security”

When: Wednesday, March 2nd 09:00 GMT

REGISTRATION: bit.ly/3hu1ktd

For whom: Journalists + leaders of thought from Europe and other regions of the world

Why: On February 24, Russia started a massive military invasion of Ukraine, leading to humanitarian, environmental, and potentially nuclear catastrophe in the center of Europe. This war is fuelled by money made from gas, coal and oil. 

Russia’s influence on the European Union occurs, among other things, through dependence on fossil fuels. In 2019, 41 per cent of the EU’s imports of natural gas came from Russia, according to Eurostat, around 26.9% of all crude oil imports were supplied by Russian companies, as well as 46.7% of the EU’s solid fuel imports.

Russia has played a huge role in the history of climate change and created multiple examples of how fossil fuel dependency and conflict are intertwined. We cannot stop one without the other.

During this press briefing Ukrainian experts on climate and energy will cover:

  • current situation in the country
  • the risks that this war imposes on the whole Europe
  • what the global and especially european community can do to help Ukraine and to prevent further disasters

The Ukrainian climate movement and the whole civil society right now, as you read this, is fighting for their freedom. You can do a lot to help, please join this briefing and invite your colleagues. 


  • Olha Boiko, CAN EECCA coordinator
  • Kostiantyn Krynytsky, head of energy department, NGO Ecoaction, Ukraine
  • Svitlana Romanko, Ukrainian climate activist, fossil fuel campaigner
  • Olexiy Pasiuk, deputy director at NGO Ecoaction, Ukraine


Zoom link: https://climateactionnetwork.zoom.us/j/99872158809

For more information please contact:
Baktygul Chynybaeva, Communication Manager of CAN EECCA

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