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Green recovery in post-Soviet countries

Green recovery in post-Soviet countries

The pandemic revealed that many countries are unprepared for the crisis and are vulnerable to global problems. One such problem is climate change. The countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia (EECCA) are already facing its consequences – from heat waves and forest fires to catastrophic precipitation and permafrost melting. Olga Boiko, coordinator of […]

Residents of Kuzbass blocked the way for construction equipment to the construction site of a coal loading station near the village of Cheremsa, Russia

Residents of Cheremza and the nearby  town of Myski have now stopped the illegal movement of heavy construction equipment under railway bridges right along the Kalandas riverbed. The machinery was moving towards the construction of a road to the future coal loading station of the Kuznetskiy Yuzhny open pit. About 20 people stay in place […]

Ukraine will increase its international climate change commitment. How would that affect the state policy?

Yesterday the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine – Оstap Semerak have announced the review of Ukraine’s national goal to fight climate change. The statement was made during the UN International Climate Negotiations in Poland – СOP24. The review of national contribution will demand the designing of fossil-free economics. And achieving the reviewed commitment requires […]

Tactics and strategies to achieve a just energy transition – Sinan Eden

This text is not about climate science nor about energy transition in general. But to start with, it is important to clarify three points: We urgently need an energy transition. The window of action is closing We have few years left to fundamentally change our energy systems.

Ukraine and Belarus can phase-out fossil and nuclear by 2050 – research shows

Ukraine and Belarus have necessary technical potential and economic reasoning to implement energy transition and increase the share of “green” energy in the Final Energy Supply to 91% and 81% by 2050 correspondingly. This was announced during the press-conference on November 14, 2017 in Bonn, Germany in framework of the COP 23.

By 2050 Ukraine can increase the share of its “green” energy up to 91% – research shows

Ukraine has every opportunity to abandon fossil fuels by 2050 and bring the share of green energy in its energy demand up to 91%. This is evidenced by the results of the report “Transition of Ukrainian energy sector towards 100% RES in 2050” presented today.

Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan are pursuing inefficient climate policy, research shows

Ukraine’s and Russia’s climate action under the Paris Agreement received the poorest rating according to new rating system launched by Climate Action Tracker (CAT) research group.  They found themselves in the company of four other countries — Chile, the USA, Turkey and Saudi Arabia which their climate actions classified as ‘critically insufficient’. The climate policies […]

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